Materials:  Farm Set- with sheep

Target: B sounds in the beginning of words

Using the sheep figures, prompt the child to make sheep sounds, such as "baa".  Don't be afraid to branch away into other vowel sounds.  For example- baa, boo, bee

Materials:  Nothing!  

Target: B sounds at the word level

Play I Spy with your child, targeting a word with B in the position they are working on (Ball for beginning,bathtub for end).  Encourage description words that also use B.  For example- The big blue ball.  


Target: initial /b/. Nonsense syllables

Materials: Farm set, sheep toys

Play with the child using sheep figurines throughout the farm set.  Communicate with nonsense syllable /bɑ bʊ bu bɪ bi/

Prompt the child- "What sound does a sheep make?"

Target:  /b/ in phrases & sentences, spontaneous speech

Materials: None

This activity could be utilized in a different location rather than the usual therapy room!

Play I Spy using the target sound of /b/.  The target item in the I Spy game must begin with the target sound.  Questions may also utilize this sound.

Ex.  I Spy with my little eye something... blue.

Is it the ball, book, backpack, basketball? 

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